Florida State Certified Building Contractor

The best and easiest way to get a good introduction to the Florida State Certified Building Contractor exam course is to sign up for the course. The first few videos which explain the course and what to expect on the exam are free and there is no obligation or credit card needed to sign up and view them. There are also some introductory math videos which give you a sample of what to expect in the course.

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Building Contractor

Licensing Description

The General, Building and Residential Contractor exam prep course is the same for all three exams. The manuals are the same, the exam questions are very similar, with a possible emphasis on more commercial questions on the General or Builder, but all of the information in all of the reference manuals for all three exams is fair game. All of the exam prep schools that I am aware of teach them as one course.

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What to expect on the Building Contractor Exam

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See the resources below to purchase manuals needed for the exam, obtain information in regard to your experience as it relates to your eligibility to obtain a license, sign up to take the exam, and activate your license after you’ve passed the exam.